Shooters Sporting Center, was designed and built using
the latest in shooting range technology. Our state of the art
air ventilation system will ensure you a clean and healthy
environment to hone your shooting skills.
Three 400,000 BTU heaters and 15 tons of A.C. will provide
a comfortable place to shoot regardless of outdoor weather
        Our Gun Range is designed
for both
handguns and rifles. The
15 shooting lanes are 25 yards
long with automatic target retrieval.
Each lane is wide enough to
accommodate shooter and
If an errant bullet strikes the stall, it
will be absorbed and not pass
through and it will not ricochet.
With rental guns, ear and eye
protection, a variety of targets and
ammo, we can insure a good and
safe practice session.  
        At Shooters Sporting Center we offer personal archery
and firearm training for the novice to the expert shooter. All
courses are taught by certified Archery Instructors and NRA
Certified Instructors. NRA course participants receive an NRA
Certificate upon successful completion of the course. Should a
participant not own an appropriate firearm, a suitable firearm
rental may be used during the class for a nominal fee. Ammo
used in these firearms must be purchased from
Sporting Center
Shooters Stalls
SRI Vertical Bullet Trap System
utdoor Sportsmen's Paradise ... Indoors
Firearm & Archery Ranges
Firearm Range
15 Ultra Modern Lanes 25 Yards Long
        Our HVAC system
meets all OSHA, NIOSH and
EPA regulations. The HEPA
Filtration Method is used to
achieve maximum comfort
and air quality.
Shooters Sporting Center uses SRI's vertical chamber
bullet trap which completely traps the bullet when entering
the helical forcing bullet velocity reduction.  Bullets and
ammunition fragments fall harmlessly through a funnel into
the bullet storage container.
As a bullet is fired downrange it is deflected by hardened
steel panels and guided into the helical. Once the bullet has
entered the helical, bullet velocity dissipates as the bullet
spirals along the chamber walls until it harmlessly drops
into a bullet storage container.
EPA regulations for air filtration are addressed with this
system. A direct air exhaust hook-up is offered with each
trap. Thus, all airborne particles in the trap are exhausted
to and collected in the air filtration system. These features
minimize employees' and shooters exposure to lead
Bullet traps are rated for rifle and handgun calibers up
to 3,600 fps, no .50 caliber bmg, no steel core and no
armor piercing ammunition.
Bullet Traps
SRI stalls offer full shooter
protection and fold-down
shooting tray
Rear View of a P393 Bullet Trap
Archery Range - 10 Lanes 30 Yards Long
Wide Selection of 3D Targets Available
Classroom Instruction - Firearm & Archery
Want to avoid the heat of summer,
the ever present ocean winds, an
occasional nor’easter, the bitter
cold of winter or snow storms and
still be able to shoot your bow?

Become a
Charter Member of
Shooters Sporting Center and
practice your archery skills in a
heated, ultra modern, fully air
conditioned facility.

Become part of a growing trend
among sportsmen to prepare for a
hunt like a professional with
controlled practice.
Sporting Center
sets the tone for
excellence in hunting.
Shooters Sporting Center features a 10
lane, 30 yard indoor archery range for those
who want to take their skills to the next level.

An adage states that “practice makes perfect.”
Shooters Sporting Center  we say that
“perfect practice makes perfect.”

Let our professional staff tune your bow and
develop your shooting technique so that you
may reach that next level.

In a secure, comfortable environment, you can
sharpen your shooting skills so that the next
10 pointer becomes a trophy instead of just a

To simulate your hunting experience, you may
shoot paper or 3-D targets.

Make every shot count. Thanks to your
practice at
Shooters Sporting Center, you
will need only one shot for that trophy hunt to
be a reality.
Shooters Sporting Center
Archery Range
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All NRA training courses include: rules of safe gun
handling, ammunition basics, shooting fundamentals,
range rules, cleaning and storage guidelines.
Some of our additional course offerings include: a
basic pistol shooting course, a basic personal
protection inside the home course, personal
protection outside the home course, advanced pistol
courses, law enforcement courses and private
Certified Firearm Instructors
After construction, all facilities
may not look exactly as pictured.
Shooters Construction Photos
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